Why You Should Support Small Businesses.

Did you know that by supporting a small business you are actually assisting your local community, because the money you spend at a local small business recirculates by passing through the hands of other small business owners.

Small business contribute to the local economy by bringing growth to the community in which the small business has established it self in. Small businesses also stimulate growth by providing employment, whether it be to high school students who want to earn a bit of pocket money for that new pair of shoes, or a concert ticket for their favorite band, through to a mum/dad who has a young family and only has time to do a few hours a day while their children are at school or child care. They can also do alot more then you realise, like sponsor a sports team, dontate their service/products as raffle prizes for community events.

By supporting a small business is shows that you care about your local community, you are seen as putting money back into your community, which will assist your local area by having the ability to thrive. It also shows the owners of small business that you respect them, as they do not have the money to choose between going big or going home.

There are many ways to support a small business, whether it be liking their social media page, telling a friend about a new store you have seen, or even purchasing from them if they offer items you are drawn to..
Which one will you chose??

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